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Cremation Urns

Cremation urns are vessels used to hold the cremated remains of a beloved family member. While their main purpose is to contain the ashes they also serve as a focal point for the bereaved during a service or at home.

For one who was cremated, memorialization options involve different choices than when the final arrangement is a burial. In the case of cremation there is no grave to visit or burial plot to attend to. Instead, cremation memorial items like urns become the focus for memorials to departed ones.

Urns have come a long way since they were first used by ancient European civilizations more than 3000 years ago. There is now a staggering array of cremation urns as well as cremation options for the bereaved to choose from, all designed to suit a wide range of personal preferences.

Urn Materials

Cremation urns come in a wide variety of materials and styles. With the rate of cremation on the rise it is necessary to offer more options with regard to cremation urn choices. Among the more popular materials for urns are wood, stone and ceramic.

Wood Urns

Wood urns are crafted from hand-selected boards of different tree types. Among the different woods used are pine, birch, ash tree, cherry, oak, mahogany, maple, and poplar to name a few. They are hand assembled using the finest carpentry techniques and finished to a beautiful luster. Wood cremation urns are very warm in appearance due to their natural beauty and are one of the more popular lines. Learn more about Wood Urns

Stone Urns

Natural and cultivated stone urns include marble urns, onyx urns, and granite urns. Natural and cultivated stone urns represent a truly remarkable collaboration between nature and man in the offering of breathtakingly carved works of art. There are two main processes for making a cremation urn of stone. They are turned urns and fabricated urns. Stone cremation urns are unique in their appearance with no two urns ever looking alike due to the unique characteristics of used material.

Biodegradable Urns

Biodegradable urns are growing in popularity as people are more interested in scattering the cremated remains at sea or burying them. Usually biodegradable urns are made from paper or special ceramic so that they dissolve in water within a few weeks or underground within few years. They are environmentally friendly. In our days biodegradable cremation urns are represented in a variety of colors and styles. Learn more about Biodegradable Urns.

Metal Urns

There are several types of metals used as urns in this category: bronze, brass, copper, and pewter.
Bronze urns are usually made by either the artist's lost wax method in which the finished product is more of a sculpted art piece, or fabricated from sheet bronze and put together utilizing welded joints. The latter is used primarily in rectangular and square urns.
Brass urns are used when a finish is applied for a unique look such as the cloisonne (or cloisonné) urn in which the urn is fired with a brilliant enamel finish.
The spun metal urns are made from various metals and are cylindrical in shape with a brushed appearance that runs horizontally.

Ceramic Urns

Ceramic urns are crafted from hand shaped porcelain or clay. The surface treatment can consist of hand painted glaze or appliqués, which are then heat fired for a glass like finish. When the glaze is hand painted a variety of designs can be achieved from abstract color patterns to beautiful scenes. There is a lot of flexibility with regard to the appearance of ceramic cremation urns.
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